I have digitally published seven books.  Digital books can be read not just on e-book readers, but on almost any computing device – including personal computers and smartphones.  You probably have multiple devices that allow you to read digital books.  If for some reason, you want to read the books online and not download it to your device, go to the Smashwords link below as they provide an online reader by the same browser you are using to read these words.

You will not have to pay to obtain any of these books; I have them all listed in all the outlets for a price of $0.00.  Listed below are some of the places at which you can find the books.  Each link, except where noted, should take you to a page featuring my books.  From there you can download any of my books to the device of your choice.

Digital Book Stores




Smashwords  –  This is the site for Kindle readers to use.  Smashwords offers multiple formats that can be read on a Kindle device, including mobi.

Page Foundry (Inktera)  –  You will have to search on “mike gantt” once you reach this site.

Book Subscription Services




Since Amazon is the world’s largest retailer of digital books, you may wonder why I don’t list my books there.  I’d like to – but Amazon will not carry books in its catalog which are permanently free, and I am unwilling to distribute my books on any other basis.  You can, however, obtain a mobi – or pdf or other – file to read on any Kindle device by going to the Smashwords link above.

Notification of New Books

I don’t have a schedule for when a new book might be published.  Nor do I keep a mailing list for this website.  However, if you want to be notified by e-mail when I do publish another book, you may choose either of the two organizations listed below to do that for you.  They are the “wholesalers” I use to distribute the books to retail outlets.


Smashwords (Smashwords is both a wholesaler and a retailer.)


If you have questions about any of this, go to Author’s Q&A.