About Him:  Jesus of Nazareth is the king of the kingdom of God, and He rules over all creation forever and ever. Amen.

About me:

Who I am…

  • My full name is Michael David Gantt.
  • I was born in 1951 in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • I had a business career 1972-1979, and again 1995-2015 – operating variously out of Columbia, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.
  • I was a pastor in St. Louis 1979-1994.
  • I have been married since 1972; my wife and I enjoy each other, our children, and grandchildren.
  • I spend my retirement writing for the Lord.

What I believe…

  • Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and raised from the dead, just as described in the New Testament – meaning that He was the Messiah promised to Israel in the Old Testament.
  • Messiah’s mission was to redeem creation from the sin and death that came through Adam and Eve.
  • The Second Coming of Christ (i.e. the coming of the kingdom of God) occurred long ago in the 1st Century – just when Jesus said it would.
  • Though everyone is going to heaven, everything we do still matters.  Everything is judged.  God loves us even in our sin, but what He loves most is when we cease sinning and live for Him.
  • The purpose of our lives here on earth are to overcome evil with good.  This means turning from sin and doing what is right in God’s sight – even when faced with the sort of cruel rejection He faced.

Why I write…

  • To share with others the truths God has made known to me.
  • I have no special calling or gifting; I’m a child of God like all the rest of you.  That’s why I call it “sharing.”  I’d feel guilty if I kept these things to myself.
  • It’s clear we need to repent.  Our moral decline as a society has been precipitous in my lifetime.  We are inviting God’s wrath upon ourselves, and only a comprehensive repentance can save us.
  • Even if sociey as a whole is unwilling to turn back to God, there are things God is willing and able to do in support of individuals.  May you and yours be among them.