My Blogging Is Coming to an End

As of today, all my blogs have ceased to exist…except for this one.  This site, too, will cease to exist shortly after August 10th when I will have finished a full year of the daily devotional thoughts I’ve been writing.  (When that happens, none of the URLs will re-direct anywhere; they’ll all be dead ends…including this one.)

At that time, I will be finished with blogging and will be devoting all my time going forward to book writing.

I blogged about Jesus Christ daily for well over eight years.  During that time I maintained six blogs, from which I published a total of over 13,000 individual posts.  This amounts to an average of four posts per day (seven days a week, 52 weeks a year) throughout the eight-and-a-half-year period.  This does not include the thousands of comments I wrote in response to comments on my own blog, nor does it include the thousands of comments I wrote on the blogs of others.  I think that’s a good effort by almost any standard of measurement; and I don’t think I can give any more to blogging than I have given.

As for books, I have written and digitally published seven books about Christ (which you can find by going here).  I plan to write just one more.  If it can be the book I am envisioning, I will pull the existing seven books off the market so that any attention given to me may focus on this one book.  That’s how important I consider it to be.

There is no guarantee that I will be able to complete this book I am talking about because my vision for it is very ambitious.  It’s not that I see the book being extremely long; on the contrary, I want it to be a size that is easily digestible for most readers.  It’s that I see it being very comprehensive – very comprehensive about life with Christ.  And right now, I don’t know enough about life with Christ to be able to write as comprehensive a book as I would like to write.  Therefore, I’m going to have to continue to grow spiritually in order to be able to fill in the gaps in my own understanding necessary to produce the kind of book I want to produce.

So, there you have my plans.  I’ll tend to this blog until August 10, and to the book after that.  Though I’ll no longer have a website, you’ll still be able to get my books at the digital book retailers where you get them now.  My hope is that one day when you go to one of those retailers looking for something by me you will find only that one book that I so very much want to be able to write.

No matter what, always remember this:  Jesus Christ is Lord and the Bible is the word of God.  Upon these two truths I hang everything I have ever written or ever will write.

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