Anno Domini

I am so glad that there was a point in time where so many human beings were convinced of the importance of Jesus Christ that they decided to recalibrate all calendars so that His earthly life would be the focal point of history – all time being measured as before Him (BC – “before Christ”) or after Him (AD – “anno domini” which is Latin for “in the year of our Lord”).

That this actually happened (5-8 centuries after Christ) gives me hope that humanity as a whole might once again come to its senses.  In the meantime, it seems as if a great many human beings would just as soon forget what “AD” stands for.  The attempt of academics to replace BC with BCE (“before the Common Era”), and AD with CE (“Common Era”) is just a formal example of this desire.

Nevertheless, today we enter the 2,018th year since our Lord’s coming to this His earth.  May He be pleased with how we spend it.


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