Daily Devotion to Jesus Christ – 125 of 366


There is none like You, O Lord;
You are great, and great is Your name in might.
Who would not fear You, O King of the nations?
Indeed it is Your due!
For among all the wise men of the nations
And in all their kingdoms,
There is none like You.
–  Jeremiah 10:6-7  NASB


Pious contemporaries of the prophet Jeremiah – that is, Israelites who lived in the 7th century B.C. – would have recognized the truth and wisdom of his words above.  However, only in the actual coming of Messiah – Jesus Christ our Lord in the 1st century A.D. – can we begin to see these words in the fullness of their meaning.

To start with, what religion has its God come to earth and live as a human being?  And be crucified for humanity’s sins!  There is no other god like this.  Not the god of Buddhism.  Not the god of Hinduism.  Not the god of Islam.  Not the god of Secularism.  (Secularism has a god?  Yes…humans are the supreme beings of this religion.)

God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ performing healings and miracles which restored human beings to their created order – that is, healthy!  In this way, God made a name for Himself like the name of no other god!  So powerful was His name that His apostles performed similar healings and miracles in that name!

Through His resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven, Jesus became “King of the nations” – that is, “King of kings, and Lord of lords.”  This achievement was His “due” because He died so that He could be Lord of both the living and the dead.  In this way, He could redeem every person who had ever died or ever would die.

It was said that Solomon was “wiser than all men.”  Yet Jesus said of Himself, “something greater than Solomon is here.”  Thus Jeremiah was prophesying about – and to – Jesus the Lord when he wrote, “among all the wise men of the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is none like You.”

There is truly no God like Jesus Christ – no god even close!


(Remember that prayer is more about listening than talking.  Use the words below to start yourself, but then allow time to reflect more on the Scripture above before you say the “Amen.”  During that time of quiet reflection, let God shape your thoughts and wait for a sense of peace to come.  That’s your signal to say “Amen” and go forth to the day.)

Our Father, Jeremiah and all the prophets understood long before anyone else that You would show forth Your glory in Messiah.  We have in the New Testament, and especially in the four Gospels, a comprehensive report of that glory.  Please help me live my life today in the light of that glory…(this is where you remain quiet in order to let Him work in your thoughts)…  Amen.

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