Daily Devotion to Jesus Christ – 79 of 366


…And the Lord said, “Name him Lo-ammi, for you are not My people and I am not your God.”
Yet the number of the sons of Israel
Will be like the sand of the sea,
Which cannot be measured or numbered;
And in the place
Where it is said to them,
“You are not My people,”
It will be said to them,
“You are the sons of the living God.”
And the sons of Judah and the sons of Israel will be gathered together,
And they will appoint for themselves one leader,
And they will go up from the land,
For great will be the day of Jezreel.
–  Hosea 1:8-11  NASB  (emphasis added)


Yesterday we read from one of the twelve minor prophets and today we read from another.  Yesterday’s passage was:

And the Lord will be king over all the earth; in that day the Lord will be the only one, and His name the only one.
–  Zechariah 14:9  NASB

In today’s passage, Hosea prophesies the same thing Zechariah is prophesying, but from a different perspective.

God is broken-hearted over the sins of His people Israel.  He tells Hosea what His response to this human rebellion is going to be.  It is a response unlike anything that normally proceeds from a human mind – it is a response of love!  The response is that God is going to disown His people – the physical descendants of Abraham – and adopt as children in their place the entire human race (including, of course, the physical descendants of Abraham)!

If God sees us all as His children, how then should we relate to each other?  As siblings.  It’s just that, at any given point in time, some of us are more obedient than others.

If you have two children, is it possible for the older one to be obedient while the younger one is disobedient – and vice versa?  And can this change from one day – or minute – to the next?  And don’t you judge each child’s behavior based on what that individual child is capable of knowing and doing?  When one child is obeying you and the other is disobeying you, what do you want the obedient child to do?  Assuming you can answer these questions, you know the general attitude God wants you to have toward your fellow human beings.


(Remember that prayer is more about listening than talking.  Use the words below to start yourself, but then allow time to reflect more on the Scripture above before you say the “Amen.”  During that time of quiet reflection, let God shape your thoughts and wait for a sense of peace to come.  That’s your signal to say “Amen” and go forth to the day.)

Lord, thank You for adopting us as Your children forever.  Help me see my fellow human beings as fellow siblings in Your family…(this is where you remain quiet in order to let Him work in your thoughts)…  Amen.

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