Making Your Bible Yours

There’s nothing wrong with having a family Bible, but I think more comes from each person in the family having his own Bible.  And when you have your own Bible, you want to truly make it your own.  One way to do this is to mark it up.

Let me give a very specific suggestion in this regard.  Since I am providing you a different Scripture each day, underline or highlight that Scripture in your Bible.  Each day’s devotional will take you a little longer if you do this, but there are some very specific benefits that will come to you.

First, you will be reading the Scripture in your own Bible and in its original context.  This will add to your confidence that you are reading and meditating on God’ word…and not just some blog post.  Seeing those words sitting in the midst of “the Holy Bible” will thus give extra strength to your soul.

Second, whenever you return to your Bible in the days to come, you will be reminded by your underlining of the good thoughts you had when you were doing the underlining.  With each passing day, you’ll be accumulating yet another place where you can go into your own Bible and feel at home.

Third, accumulating 366 “landing zones” over the course of a year will give you that many places from which you can, from time to time, branch out into sections of the Bible you haven’t yet read.  I am constructing these daily devotions in such a way that you will have at least one in every one of the Bible’s 66 books by the time the year is up.*  Therefore, you are being broadly and deeply exposed to the Bible – not just getting a smattering of isolated verses.

If you don’t have time to do the underlining each day, you could set aside time on the weekend to do the seven from the previous week.  Or you could dedicate time once a month to underline all the verses for that month.  (To help you either keep up or catch up, I’ve made an index for you of all the scriptures we cover; it’s titled Scripture Index for Daily Devotions to Jesus Christ.)

In any case, I hope you will mark up your Bible – that is, make your Bible yours.  Making it your Bible and not just the Bible will help you deepen and strengthen your daily devotion to Jesus Christ.  And what could be more important to your life or to the lives of those for whom you are responsible than your devotion to Him?

*December 18, 2017:  This was achieved with yesterday’s post.

One thought on “Making Your Bible Yours

  1. I love this suggestion. I’ve always felt I should be underlining but felt at a loss as to what to underline. I love that when I see these passages in the future I can look back for your emailed thoughts and prayer.

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